About IEA

About IEA
  1. Basic Information

    Who we are and how to contact us.

  3. The IEA Conceptual Framework

    1. The Framework
      1. The Integrating Dynamic Money-Flow (IDMF) conceptual framework
      2. The full-employment growth-trend standard of reference
      3. structural equilibrium analysis
    2. Policy Package
      1. Government macroeconomic responsibility
      2. Mnetary policy
      3. Budget policy
      4. Fiscal (stabilization) policy
      5. Anti-inflation policy
      6. Income distribution policy
  5. IEA History

    This is a quasi-biographical summary of the development and articulaton of the ideas underlying the IEA conceptual framework

  7. Other Economic Papers by John Atlee

    1. Macroeconomic analysis (theory) and policy implications
    2. Coordinated policy proposals
    3. Monetary policy
    4. Fiscal policy
    5. Inflation analysis and policy
    6. Monetary analysis
    7. Primary Credit analysis
    8. Budget analysis
    9. Not elsewhere classified
  9. Invitation to Research Collaboration

    Many future research objectives indicated by the IEA conceptual framework are beyond IEA's present resources, suggesting individual collaboration, merging of efforts, and seminar discussions.

Posted: 18 May 2009
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