IEA Pocket Charts
Panel 5A

Panel 5A
Inflation Rate -- % change in prices
United States
(for monthly PPI's, see Panel 5C)

Note that the scale of charts 1, 2, and 2a is condensed.

General notes

This is one of 20 regular and a dozen periodic chart panels taken as a sample from the final issue -- December 1979 -- of the initial series of IEA Pocket Charts. The compact and analytically advanced economic charts feature the following analytical features:

  1. "Flat horizontal" presentation, as growth rates or ratios to GDP -- to facilitate comparisons of different time periods and series
  2. Fluctuations shaded to "normal" lines -- made possible by such presentation
  3. Smoothing -- quarterly centered moving averages to eliminate "zig-zag noise"
  4. Economic conditions displayed for context as vertical bands or lines (see Economic Fluctuations Viewed in Growth Perspective for definitions of these terms), clearly illustrated in chart Panel 1:

A full guide to the presentation and analytical features of the charts -- an understanding of which is necessary for making full analytical use of the charts -- is available at How to Read IEA Charts.

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Posted: December 22, 1998
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