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Panel A-1 (left)

Panel A-1   (left)
Capacity GNP Cumulation -- Expenditure Side
(for further explanation, see the main Panel A-1 page; see also the right side of this panel)

Chart-specific notes (footnotes to series names)

3. In this panel, nonprofit construction of schools, hospitals, etc. (about 0.4% of GNP) has been subtracted from Nonresidential Fixed Investment (as in 8.7) and combined with State and Local Government "Other"
4. Includes tenant rent & imputed rent for home-owners; utilities, semi-durable furnishings, cleaning & other supplies, domestic service, etc.
5. Includes gasoline and oil, insurance; rental, parking, repairs and other services; public transportation in U.S.; etc.
6. Includes bank costs, legal & financial services, non-auto insurance (net of benefits), etc.
7. Includes tobacco, personal care, private education, religious & welfare activites, periodicals, foreign travel, etc.
8. Includes mobile homes, "built-in" major appliances, landlord purchases of consumer equipment, etc.

General notes

This is one of 20 regular and a dozen periodic chart panels taken as a sample from the final issue -- December 1979 -- of the initial series of IEA Pocket Charts. The compact and analytically advanced economic charts feature the following analytical features:

  1. "Flat horizontal" presentation, as growth rates or ratios to GDP -- to facilitate comparisons of different time periods and series
  2. Fluctuations shaded to "normal" lines -- made possible by such presentation
  3. Smoothing -- quarterly centered moving averages to eliminate "zig-zag noise"
  4. Economic conditions displayed for context as vertical bands or lines (see Economic Fluctuations Viewed in Growth Perspective for definitions of these terms), clearly illustrated in chart Panel 1:

A full guide to the presentation and analytical features of the charts -- an understanding of which is necessary for making full analytical use of the charts -- is available at How to Read IEA Charts.

Posted: January 14, 1999
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